-American Songwriter Video Premiere: Karen Dezelle, "Love You Anyway" 

The Video "Love You Anyway," which was filmed along the sprawling California coastline. 
Fun Fact: She's been everywhere, man - growing up, her family moved nine times in seven years, from Texas to Trinidad to London. 

-Live Review & Interview: Karen Dezelle and John Adair at The Hotel Cafe  

"Singer/Songwriter, Karen Dezelle, is everything that you expect a dedicated songwriter to be. She effortlessly translates her life experiences into something deeply melodic and never shies away from telling her story. And her story is a colorful one."

"The EP ventures into highly authentic and honest territory, expanding on her songwriting by diving deeper into charged narratives and sweet lyrical content. It’s a window into her very own heart and soul. From tracks about losing love to the bubbly feeling of falling into it, she touches on the very core of human nature and emotion. She infuses her catchy rhythms with a unique style."

- Music Artiste - New Indie Music Reviews - Karen Dezelle

"Her voice angel soft
Lost and Found all Hope and Love
Her divine ache EP ~
Sammy Younan "

- New Music Ten Feature

"Each track on Karen Dezelle’s EP “ Lost and Found” is a journey through her thoughts and feelings, constructed expertly over a wide expanse of gorgeous instruments. She brings a timeless quality to her music, making for a classic singer songwriter sound that will speak to anyone that craves authenticity."

- Karen Dezelle Posts Quitter - Skope Entertainment Sunday Leftovers

"You've got to check her out, she has a great voice and her songwriting skills are epic!"

Listen to Quitter by Karen Dezelle - Caesar Live N Loud

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